How Much Does a Custom WordPress Website Cost?


Since it is known to everyone that WordPress is an open-source Content Management system that is free for everyone. This idea often misleads people to think that they can eventually build their WordPress Site with some basic know-how of coding. This is somewhat true, but for your brand or a recognized firm, a WordPress site requires much more than just basic features. It requires customization which can never be built from scratch unless you are an expert programmer.


A customized WordPress website contains unique design and specific features for which large and medium-sized businesses often found inclined towards hiring a WordPress developer. How much the developer charges you entirely depend on what you demand your website. A typical custom WordPress theme to a more advanced site with specific features can cost you up to $1000 to $10,000 or even higher, simultaneously.


We would recommend you to start with basic initially and then expand afterward. Because the majority of the times, you don’t even need those premium features for which you pay a large chunk of your budget. Try to start with free tools and when you observe traffic on your website, purchase necessary features like email marketing, website firewall, premium template, backup plugin and so on.


You can categorize the overall cost of your website into the cost of WordPress website hosting, Domain Name, Design and development, and Plugins and extensions. The cost of Domain name can vary from $15 to even millions of dollars. Similarly, cheap web hosting will cost you around $100 per year but as you will demand more features, the cost figure will increase gradually.


Because building a website also includes certain other features like search engine optimization beside just content management, templates or design; this is where WordPress helps you by making it much cheaper for you than any other content management system. Since 75 million out of 172 million active sites are using WordPress, it promises you its reliability.


If you look up to a premium theme, this might cost you around $50-$200. Similarly, for premium plugins, which you will certainly need as your traffic grows, you might have to pay $15-$200 each. Few of WordPress plugins are one-time purchases while others annually or monthly license.


All of this might sound bigger numbers for the beginners, but WordPress is worth it. It offers you backup, so you are carefree about any data loss. It will provide a lot of ease and peace of mind. So, if you are still waiting to be competent in this competitive world, WordPress can help you out!


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