What makes a good website design?

Your customers will always look on to your website first before visiting your outlet, now you realize why an effective website is extremely crucial for building the reputation of your brand’s image. As the success of your company depends on your website; similarly, the success of your website depends on its web design. Your Web design not only includes visual features but the utility and usability of your sites like its uptime or speed. Lacking in even the smallest of detail has the potential of destroying your brand image.


When you are looking to develop your site make sure you pay attention to not only how it looks but how it feels or works. Research shows that the majority of people leave the site if it takes more than 6 seconds to load. Hence, it does not matter if your website looks outstanding, they will not bother to stay on your website. But this does not mean to underestimate. The only strategy to develop a good website design is to MAKE THEM STAY. How you will do it entirely depends on your balance of colors, fonts, speed, uptime, contents, pictures and so on. The more user-friendly you make it, the more they will love to be friend with your site.


Your web design must be aligned with your business purpose which means that put only necessary things on the website to make it simpler and avoid the distraction of the customers. A simple site helps people navigate easily which they find more appealing. Secondly, don’t make it very colorful, choose certain colors and fonts, maybe which goes with your logo. Use these selected colors and fonts on each of your pages to make it look uniform. Similarly, pay attention to your fonts to assure readability of the users.


One important feature of your website design is responsiveness. Your website must itself adjust with the size of the user’s device. This contributes to the effectiveness of your site. Similarly, as we already mentioned that website speed matters a lot, try to enhance the speed of your website by optimizing image sizes and compressing files.


Moreover, make it easier for them to explore. The better is your navigation, the more the user will enjoy exploring. Try to draw a hierarchical diagram on paper showing the direction of pages or buttons before actually designing the site. Last but not least is communication; you might have come across the feature of live chat on several websites. This helps in building a stronger relationship with your users by responding to their queries and help them out.


We wish this article would help you the next time you build your website or repair it.


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