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You have come to the right place if you are looking to design a logo for your firm. Whether you are a company owner who is willing to update his company’s logo or a new entrepreneur who aspires to design a professional logo for his startup, you must be desiring a logo that gives a representation of your firm. X10sivemedia understands your concern and makes the best logo using your ideas and your brand statement. We have been designing logos for the firms in Sydney for years.

This is what X10sivemedia has to offer you:

1.  Schedule a Meeting

The very first step is to arrange a meeting with you where we will try to know about your business and what it represents. We believe that if we start working without prior research, this might result in unsatisfying work. We make a questionnaire and ask our clients about their vision and what they are looking up to.

2.  Draft your ideas

Once we understand what you demand, we present you multiple designs as drafts. Among those, you will be asked to choose the best one or you can even ask for a new one if you do not like any of them. These drafts will help us know about the size or color combinations you want, and we will work better.

3.  Color and Size Scales

X10sivemedia gives you your logo in both RGB and CMYK versions. This will be convenient for you for digital services and printing since CMYK is standard for sending from graphics to print. If you ask us, we will also provide your logo in black and white scale. Moreover, we design your logo in different sizes for web, signature, emails and prints. The most vital size is a 16×16-pixel image which is used for the title on the browser. In short, we offer you a complete package of color scales and size scales to make you satisfied with our work.

4.  File Format

The File format is another thing very important. Giving you a jpeg file is not enough, we believe. We create a range of file formats because we believe that files only for printing or web uses are not enough. So, we give you files in photoshop or illustrator format as well.

5.  Cost-Effective

We are very reasonable. You cannot find such incredible services in Sydney at such a reasonable price; this is not what we claim but our clients. We hope that you will be saying the same about us, so do not wait and give us a call.


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