Why Use PPC (PAY-PER-CLICK) Online Advertising


PPC means Pay Per Click is referred to the Google advertising or paid search. PPC ads appear above the organic search results on Google. Why do we emphasize to use it especially for small businesses? Because it is the simplest way to make money and bring traffic to your site. They are mainly used to increase sales since traffic is driven to the site.


1.  People could locate you

Since 93% of people who are online start their online activities via search engines, it creates great opportunities for your business too. Almost 65% of the purchases on the internet are via these paid ads. Search engines use artificial intelligence to know what the user needs and then keep on displaying the ads to provoke interest in them to purchase.


2.  It promises immediate results

The best part of PPC advertising is that it drives immediate results. Because thousands of people are watching your ad, there will always be a number of them who are potential customers and are interested in purchasing your product or availing your service.


3.  Authenticity

Researches have proven that if the customers are guaranteed the quality, they agree to purchase even the expensive stuff. Now, when you appear on a search engine like Google, it increases your credibility. When the person drops a keyword, the search engine displays your ad and there you get a customer.


4.  Quality Traffic

Why we call it quality traffic is because people are already searching for what you have to offer. It is called search traffic.  This makes you 80% sure that the person is going to avail of the service. For the rest of 20%, we can say that it at least brings traffic to your website, hence it is a win-win situation. But these people are sincerely interested in your business for sure. Search traffic gets the most conversions.


5.  Increase in Sales and revenues

Since search traffic has got the highest conversion rates, it increases the sales for your business giving a boost to your revenue. Most people make four times more profit than they spend on PPC advertising. But this is not easy. Few firms ended up getting nothing even after investing in PPC ads. To avoid any loss, we recommend you hire a PPC specialist to get maximum results.


6.  Trackable Advertisement

It is not like throwing your capital in the long dark tunnel with no end to be seen. PPC advertising is measurable. You can keep check of which of your keyword searches and advertisements are getting the most return. This helps you in developing the strategies for your next investment.

If you aspire to grow fast, PPC is the key. If you are not investing in paid ads on search engines, you are missing out on a lot of business opportunities. You must give it a try!

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